Climate Services

Research infrastructure for climate services

As defined by the World Meteorological Organization, a climate service is a decision aide derived from climate information that assists individuals and organisations in society to improve decision-making. A climate service requires appropriate and iterative engagement to produce a timely advisory that end-users can understand and which can help their decision-making and enable early action and preparedness. Climate services need to be provided to users in a seamless manner and, most of all, need to respond to user requirements.

There are numerous key aspects of a research infrastructure that provides climate services and solutions. KADI project will investigate the climate services needs of different stakeholders across Africa, focusing on the scope and definition of an observational and modeling research infrastructure. This information will be further used for the climate service pilots described below.

We will identify, analyse and characterise climate service needs at multiple scales and contexts in Africa. Then, through collaborative engagement of key stakeholders, these services will be validated with their potential data and infrastructure designs.