List of Deliverables

This page gives an overview of all project deliverables as well as links to already submitted deliverables (in bold). The deliverables that have been submitted, but are yet to be approved by the European Commission are marked with an asterisk (*).

WP1 Definition of Required Climate Services

  • D1.1: Systematic review report compiling potential climate services at multiple scales
  • D1.2: Engagement plan mapping acting organisations and stakeholders
  • D1.3: Organisation of the final workshop and workshop report

WP2 Climate Service Pilots

  • D2.1: Upgraded African Earth System model (demonstrator) and report on observational requirements
  • D2.2: Report describing importance of riverine, oceanic and atmospheric processes in coastal carbon dynamics
  • *D2.3: Pilot city plans co-developed with local stakeholders, with summary of the linkages between the report. Read it here (PDF, 455 KB)
  • D2.4: Report on outcomes of pilots and lessons learned from the pilots that can be applied for supporting the development of integrated climate services for urban areas.
  • D2.5:Integrated (meta) data set from Kenyan observations

WP3 Strategic Infrastructure Design

  • D3.1: A design study for a pan-African climate observation research infrastructure
  • D3.2: Concept for the African e-infrastructure
  • D3.3: Report on optimum integration of science into the envisaged research infrastructure
  • D3.4: Report on optimum integration of modeling into the envisaged research infrastructure.
  • D3.5: Report on the design of a value chain from observations to climate services

WP4 Knowledge Exchange Platform

  • D4.1: Notes from first knowledge sharing workshop focusing on science. Read it here (PDF, 468 KB)
  • *D4.2: Notes from second knowledge sharing workshop focusing on administration aspects in the pan-African context. Read it here (PDF, 205 KB)
  • D4.3: Notes from third knowledge sharing workshop
  • D4.4: Summary of travel reports and an overarching review of lessons learned
  • D4.5: report detailing training achievements and lessons for implementation of coastal observing systems elsewhere in southern Africa

WP5 Policy Cooperation

  • D5.1: Mapping of the various African stakeholders to include into networks.
  • D5.2: Report on activities towards the global observation system.
  • D5.3: First policy documents to inform the AU-EU cooperation.
  • D5.4: Recommendations for innovative funding.
  • D5.5: Report on the first meeting of the collaborative networks.

WP6 Coordination

  • D6.1: Communications, Dissemination and Exploitation strategy. Read it here (PDF, 866 KB)
  • D6.2: Updated Communications, Dissemination and Exploitation strategy
  • D6.3: Data management plan. Read it here (PDF, 354 KB)

Communications Materials

KADI Brochure

Brochure introducing the KADI project to potential collaborators and other African stakeholders. Download it here (PDF, 883 KB)