Coastal bio-geochemistry as a crucial part of the climate and carbon system

In this pilot we will work on quantifying key elements of the coastal carbon cycle relevant to usage of the ocean and the role the coastal ocean plays in regulating global climate. We will use monitoring stations at key sites along the coast of South Africa in Algoa Bay, adjacent to Nelson Mandela University, Gqeberha and in St Helena Bay, on the West Coast. Both sites have been selected for their societal importance (Algoa Bay is a Marine Nature reserve, St Helena Bay is a major fishing town) and because of the long-term data series in these regions. We will pilot the value chain of ocean carbon observations in both regions, ranging from innovating and trailing technologies, through to observations, data archiving, data synthesis and communications with end users.

This task will will support both an integrated understanding of system function in each region (valuable in its own right) but also support the integration of this understanding into the large-scale numerical models we use to predict the future evolution of climate.

We will also use the pilot monitoring sites as platforms to deliver training courses.